Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)


12 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2022
Schedule Of Entities In Control [Abstract]  
1. Business
Benitec Biopharma Inc. (the “Company”) is a corporation formed under the laws of Delaware, United States of America, on November 22, 2019 and listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market (“Nasdaq”) under the symbol “BNTC”. Benitec Biopharma Inc. is the parent entity of a number of subsidiaries including the previous parent entity Benitec Biopharma Limited (“BBL”). BBL was incorporated under the laws of Australia in 1995 and was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, or ASX, from 1997 until April 15, 2020. On August 14, 2020, BBL reorganized as a Proprietary Limited company and changed its name to Benitec Biopharma Proprietary Limited. The Company’s business focuses on the development of novel genetic medicines. Our proprietary platform, called DNA-directed RNA interference, or ddRNAi, combines RNA interference, or RNAi, with gene therapy to create medicines that facilitate sustained silencing of disease-causing genes.
On November 27, 2019, BBL announced its intention to re-domicile from Australia to the United States of America. BBL implemented a Scheme of Arrangement pursuant to which Benitec Biopharma Inc, a newly incorporated company for the purpose of effecting the re-domiciliation (“the Re-domiciliation”), acquired all BBL shares and BBL became a wholly owned subsidiary of Benitec Biopharma Inc. BBL shareholders received one Benitec Biopharma Inc. share for every 300 BBL shares. Holders of BBL’s American Depository Shares, or ADSs (each of which represented 200 ordinary shares), received two shares of the Company’s common stock for every three ADSs held. The re-domiciliation was completed on April 15, 2020 following approval by BBL shareholders at a Scheme Meeting held on March 26, 2020 and by the Supreme Court of Queensland on March 30, 2020.
In accordance with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (“SEC”) Staff Accounting Bulletin Topic 4C, all issued and outstanding shares of the Company’s common stock have been retroactively adjusted in these consolidated financial statements to reflect the 300:1 ratio and share consolidation as if it occurred on July 1, 2019.
The terms the “Company,” “we,” “us,” “our” and similar terms used herein refer (i), prior to the re-domiciliation to BBL, an Australian corporation, and its subsidiaries, and (ii), following the re-domiciliation, to Benitec Biopharma Inc., a Delaware corporation, and its subsidiaries (including BBL). On August 14, 2020, BBL reorganized as a Proprietary Limited company and changed its name to Benitec Biopharma Proprietary Limited.
During the year ended June 30, 2021, the Company completed an organization restructure as part of the commercial desire to provide a more efficient structure for the future as the Company continues to transition its operations to the US.
The Company’s fiscal year end is June 30. References to a particular “fiscal year” and the “year ended June 30” are to our fiscal year end June 30 of that calendar year.
The consolidated financial statements of Benitec Biopharma Inc. are presented in United States dollars and consist of Benitec Biopharma Inc. and the following wholly owned subsidiaries:
Principal place of
business/country of
Benitec Biopharma Proprietary Limited (“BBL”)
Benitec Australia Proprietary Limited
Benitec Limited
   United Kingdom
Benitec, Inc.
Benitec LLC
RNAi Therapeutics, Inc.
Tacere Therapeutics, Inc.
Benitec IP Holdings, Inc.